In Soviet Russia, Brad Pitt Pulls Over You!

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Hollywood's favorite mustachioed heart throb is no stranger to attention, which is why Russian authorities are banking on cardboard cut-outs of Brad Pitt in police gear to slow motorists in Moscow.


The local Russian cops in the city of Omsk have begun placing cardboard cutouts of Brad Pitt dressed up as a traffic cop on streets in order to help slow motorists in the most dangerous intersection of the city and, surprisingly, it seems to be working. Omsk officials are stating that accident rates are way down, likely due to motorists slowing down to gaze at the Hollywood hunk.

In the local newspaper, Dmitry Ziryanov, the Omsk official that came up with the ingenious idea, says that Pitt is somewhat of a "colleague for us." We think we'd be able to achieve the same results if we had Megan Fox cutouts throughout our city. [via yahoonews]


Ash78, voting early and often

F*ck that, I'd roll down the window, bust a cap in his ass and say "That was for MEET JOE BLACK, motherf*cker!"

Especially in Russia, where there are no rules.