Given the number of teeny bopper comedies John Hughes wrote and directed, the film Planes, Trains, And Automobiles is a notable and entertaining diversion. Rated "R" for a scene with Steve Martin saying the word fuck like a million times with a rep of the fictional Marathon rental agency (who is the actress who plays the secretary in Ferris Bueller's Day Off), it's actually thematically similar to Home Alone but contains very few adolescents or teens. It also touches on a truth about traveling, which is two people in a car over a long period of time does not guarantee friendship though it does encourage great stories, as fodder650 believes will happen with the Spyker, Saab CEOS on their journey.

So 100 miles into it they are excited to be doing the race together. After mile 100 though there starts to be some issues. They have run out of things to talk about and there is only so much chocolate you can eat.
Johnsson starts to notice Muller constantly checking his watch. Sure this is a rally but he's constantly fussing with it. He purposely takes the next corner harder then normal to force Victor to have to look at him.
By mile 500 there has been a couple hour long argument about what the true meaning of what Swiss Miss is.
Mile 600 introduces a lot of silence after Jonsson tries to change the subject to manscaping.
About this time the car started to overheat. Victor grabs his tin snips and suggest a lot of extra air inlets would fix the issue. Johnsson grabs them and throws them out the window. Blaming the electronics and saying it will be fine if they just ignore it and leave the heat on high.
By mile 900 we now see the two CEO's furiously tweeting on their blackberrys with no one actively steering. But this being a Saab it takes care of itself.
As they cross the finish line and stop they realize that made it alive. But will never talk to each other ever again

Sorry, you're fucked.

Also, Honorable Mention to AF_H1VLTG3 for this gem.