Saab, Spyker CEOs To Race Mille Miglia In A Two Stroke

Illustration for article titled Saab, Spyker CEOs To Race Mille Miglia In A Two Stroke

Saab CEO Jan Ake Jonsson and Spyker CEO Victor Muller plan to race the 2010 Mille Miglia in a 55 HP, two-stroke Saab 93. If that's not a good way to begin a partnership, we don't know what is.

The dinky little Saab isn't such a bad choice, it took class victory at the 1957 race. In its current iteration, the Mille Miglia only accepts car as new as 1957. While the original "Thousand Miles" was an open road endurance race in which outright speed mattered, the current version is more of a road rally, with results based on precise timing over outright speed.

The stunt isn't just pure nostalgia either. Rumors abound that the first new model to result from the Spyker/Saab partnership will be a small hatch styled after the teardrop shape of the ‘50s 93. [via PistonHeads]

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Its starting to look the GM losing Saab, only to have it sold to a niche and slightly eccentric car manufacturer, could be the best thing to happen to the brand in a long time.

Im still reserving my applause until I see Saab's with exposed shift linkages and switches aplenty...