Commenter Of The Day: José Froilán González Edition

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Known as "The Pampas Bull" to fans and Pepe to friends, José Froilán González was truly a bull of a driver. He got his break when friend Juan Miguel Fangio found him a four-cylinder Maserati to race. His style, sitting aggressively forward in the cab and sliding even more aggresively into the corners, wasn't as graceful as some of his competitors but it was reportedly fun to watch. He was quick enough to get a slot racing with Scuderia Ferrari and, in 1951, he won the British Grand Prix. This victory makes him the first driver to win a World Championship Grand Prix for the now famous and victorious team. He would eventually move on to race with Fangio at Maserati but a crash cut his career short. While we don't remember González in the same way we recount Fangio's work as a racer, the lack of natural grace and commitment to hard work makes him all the more relatable. When we asked you "which automotive era you wish you were raised during?" we think Mytdawg was thinking about The Pampas Bull.


At any point where sex was safe and the machines were dangerous.

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Well done, Mytdawg.....and a tip of the chapeau to Mr. Hardigree for the Pampas Bull reference.