Which Automotive Era Do You Wish You Grew Up In?

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We can't choose when or where we're born. You could be an Earnhardt in the 1990s or a Daimler in the 1920s. Given the choice, which automotive era do you wish you grew up in?


If we were totally ironic, we'd go with the Malaise Era. But we're only feeling partially ironic today so we're not. We were thinking maybe the El Camino era of the 1960s and 70s but this is perhaps too easy. Given free range to pick a time and a place we'd definitely get dropped in the international rallying days of the early 1950s and race classic Ferraris, Alfa Romeos and Maseratis against the likes of Sterling Moss, Dan Gurney and Juan Miguel Fangio. Racing in events like the Targa Florio where it was just man, machine and a confusing set of poorly-lit roads is the kind of thrill you can't get today.

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Rob Emslie

Post WWII. Amazing European cars were just being introduced to America, track racing of sports cars was in its heyday, and the necker's knob was invented. All that and car hops at the drive-in.