Commenter Of The Day: Joan. Forgive Me. Lane. Edition

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If you didn't watch last night's Mad Men and are planning to do so please DO NO READ THE REST OF THIS. SPOILERS AHEAD. K, now that it's out of the way, here's what happened. Uppity and repressed British boss Lane acts like a jerk to resident office head-turner Joan, so he sends her flowers in an effort to not look like so much of an ass. But it backfires. When Joan sees the note attached to the flowers calls her "Darling" and ends with "Kisses" she storms into her office. Alas, it was the wrong note for the wrong person. This note was meant to go to Lane's wife, but the secretary screwed it up. And what note did Mrs. Lane Price receive? A note that says "Joan. Forgive Me. Lane." Couldn't imagine having to explain that one to the old wife. It's just the trouble with foreign executives, sometimes they say curious things, like saying they're not the dumbest of their competitors. Although, PotbellyJoe wonders what he could have said to begin with.


Crappiest, maybe, but not the cheapest.

Least Trustworthy, sure, but at least we're consistent.

Listen, I'm not gonna stand up here and say we're the most profitable, but I will say we have products America wants.

Hey, if you don't like it, start your own automobile company, find a private investment firm known to cut and run to buy you, fly to Washington, beg for cash, promise you'll pay it back eventually, then work out a shifty deal with a foreign company to 'merge' your assets, then stand up here and you do better with these questions about trying to spin a loss into a good thing.

That's all I'm sayin'.


Congratulations, Mr. Potbelly Joe! I have for you a beautiful Cobra. It will be delivered to you by this equally beautiful lady. Good job, Sir!