Commenter Of The Day: Hipsters Edition

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We've always believed the existence of hipster culture isn't so much the organic expression of the zeitgeist as it is the inevitable packaging of disparate cultural elements into something commercially viable. Something someone can sell. It started with the book The Hipster Handbook which purported to look, satirically, upon the life of a certain Williamsburg, Brooklyn set. Whether the purpose was to actually lampoon or not, the result was to give would-be hipsters the opportunity to recreate their own as version of hipsterism. Now it's pandemic. We can no longer look at hipster culture as something fleeting as it is a full-blown lifestyle. At best we can hope for it to wane soon and fear what will replace it. When the Hipster Fiesta was nabbed we didn't shed a tear. We did, however, laugh when Fighting Chance brought up the Hipster Grifter.


Interesting. With all of 100 of these cars on the road, and with little reason to strip and part the car out, what will the thief/thieves do with it? A trophy perhaps?

Wait; Jake kind of has a beard... is this the work of... the Hipster Grifter?

This is easy, just set some PBR on the side of the road ahead of the Fiesta and she'll pull over voluntarily.



Secret to COTD success:

1. Reference to story on different Gawker blog

2. ???

3. Profit!

[Billy Dee]Works every time.[/Billy Dee]