Commenter of the Day: Hell Edition

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That saucy tomato Murilee tends to run her his Project Car Hell so late in the day that the comments are never around to be considered for COTD status. We find that a shame since some of the best comments tend to come from the minds of people trying to pick between a Fuego and a Bitiurbo. However, we found a loophole!

In yesterday's Aussie Edition PCH Commenter CasterOil copped to owning a Morris Major. The loophole stems from the fact that since he lives in the land of baby-eating dingos, he actually made his comment today, not the day before today. Get it? good. Oh, and here's his winning comment:

Guys, the Morris Major was my first car! Have a look - it's got FINS!

Talk about a Project Car Hell - once the passenger rear drum brake return spring broke, and the out-of-round drum pulsed and pumped up the three remaining brake drums down a wet hill one day .... imagine an irreversible 3 wheel lock-up in one of these in the wet! Luckily I speared into a gutter and slowed my passage without causing too much damage to anyone else's property.

Then there's the rear axles. They break. Badly. They half snap off inside the differential side gear. You can't remove the differential because the axle is partly there. You can't remove the axle because the end of it is bent sideways inside the differential. Hmm.. technical conundrum.

Oh, my ears and whiskers! The Lucas electrics! The three position switches that are either DIM, FLICKER and OFF, or else SMOKE, SMOULDER and IGNITE.

Not even enough power to pull a sailor off your sister. Rust! It would rust while you looked at it!

Parts, surprisingly, were easy to come by, as the 1500 cc Morrie Major had the same mechanicals as an MGA. You could go into a genuine spares outlet, and find the same part in an "MG" box at three times the price of the identical part (even down to part number) in a "Morris" or "Austin" box.

Thanks a lot for some acutely horrible memories.....


Yeah man. And somehow, the Major is 0.3% behind the Humber. You crazy kids.

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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

This is why I think Commenter of the Day should be held of until much later in the day, alot our strangest come from home from their hard labor work job things.

But, really funny comment, truely seems to be hell incarnated