Commenter Of The Day: Gangsta's Paradise Edition

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At one point, depending on age, you may have found yourself in the back of a bus singing along with the chorus to Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise." The song was infectious, emotional, had an awesome video directed by Antoine Fuqua and is based on Stevie Wonder's "Pastime Paradise." The song is one of the biggest worldwide hip hop singles of all-time, hitting the top of the charts in thirteen countries (Sweden loves Coolio). And if the song wasn't popular enough, Weird Al Yankovic charted on the Billboard Top 100 with a parody called "Amish Paradise." Weirdly, there was actually an ongoing beef between Weird Al and Coolio over this because of a miscommunication over Coolio giving permission for the parody, though there is no legal need to get approval. Ten years later, the beef is apparently over.


And this is good news, because there's enough beefing going on. Take the Google Street View Hold Up going on a few miles from my yuppie paradise on the north side of Chicago. A lot of stereotypes could have popped up with this post, but the affable and consistent Ash78 started things off right with a nod to our preconceptions:

He's clearly just using Roundup on his easement. Notice how the trigger unit is not being held sideways, which according to movies, is the only way to hold a pistol during urban malfeasance.


People take their lawns seriously here, trust us.

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Jeff Glucker

@TexanIdiot25: that would be a lot of effort to create this... Texas to Canada.

Funny though, but if you made it you should have picked the taller one, no?