Google Street View Drives By Shooting?

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Hardigree may poke fun at the rough streets of Ray's beloved Detroit from time to time, but if these photos are what they look like they are, there's some dirt on Chicago too. Judge for yourself, but we can't help but see something going terribly wrong in these images captured in the windy city by the Google Maps Street View camera-mobiles. We've spotted everything from car accidents to Steve Job's Mercedes on the all-seeing cameras, but this takes it all to a new level.

While we don't see bodies dropping to the ground, or any caps being busted, it's hard for this not to look like what it looks like. All we can say is that certainly looks like a very gun-shaped object, apparently being pointed in a rather intentional manner at someone else. Hopefully nobody pulled the trigger. We wonder what was going through the head of the driver of the camera-mobile while this was happening, assuming he saw it. Whatever he was thinking, he evidently just kept driving.

[Gawker] Hat Tip to Will!