Commenter Of The Day: France Is Back Edition

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After a prolonged period of anti-French sentiment due partially to their lack of support of our adventures in Iraq and partially to them being, well... French, the country is back in a big way. Helped in small part by the election of US conservative-favorite Nicholas Sarkozy and in large part by our love of French Cars, people are seeing the country in a new light. Congress even dropped "Freedom Fries" from the menu, renaming the Belgian invention "French Fries" as God intended. And though a French car appeared on our World's Ugliest Cars list, the good Chairman Kaga counters with some straight talk express to those doubting their secret love of the Renault van.


French cars illustrate the essential difference between interesting and ugly... that something far more fascinating lies within. They're like that weird girl back in the 9th grade who was impossibly smart and talked about how she once learned from a South African trader how to kill a man with her pinkie. And maybe she wasn't the prettiest girl in the class, but something in your bewildered pubescent loins knew...

How could we forget bespectacled, bedazzling and yet somehow bewilderingly becoming Bianca? Maybe she's on Facebook...

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Monica. Stunningly blonde and blue-eyed as only a young Swedish girl can be. She was to my utterly inexperienced fifth-grade mind the most sexually enthralling creature that walked on two legs. I wanted her to look at me and only me.

Then I slipped and dropped my tray in the lunchroom and splashed corn and peas all up my corduroys and wound up looking like I'd been wading through vomit. I could've cried. But she smiled sympathetically at me and I would've wrestled tigers into weeping submission for her.

Sweet Jesus there are some parts of school I dearly miss.