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Renaults, Citroens And Talbots... Oh My! French Cars On Bastille Day

Illustration for article titled Renaults, Citroens And Talbots... Oh My! French Cars On Bastille Day

Happy Bastille Day! In honor of the 219th anniversary of the symbolic beginning of modern France, our very own Frenchman Franzouse, has collected these photos from the "Course de Cote" vintage hill climb in St Geniez D'olt. Each car is a unique part of French rallying history, and the gallery includes a Renault R5 Turbo 2, a Citroen Visa rally car and a Talbot Sunbeam. And that's just what we can name off the top of our head.


Here's Franzouse's report:

For my birthday I went home this weekend to my quaint little southern french town of St Geniez D'olt (yup try pronouncing that) in the beautiful Aveyron region and got a real nice present: race day! They wouldn't let me enter the mehari in the "course de cote" (road climb, 46 turns in 6 miles of beautiful asphalt with guard rails...), but I did get to see the vintage racers that were parked on the plaza during the racer's big sunday lunch. It being bastille day, so here are the French cars


Can you identify all the cars? What are your favorite French cars? The Citroen DS? The Peugeot 504?Viva La France!

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There were also some really cool non-french cars but I'll send those soon (need to resize them).

The overall winning car in the vintage category was the Dauphine Gordini (yellow, you can see it's rear), but the fastest time was recorded by a 2002 Bimmer.

Strangely the most impressive to watch was the Citroen Visa Chrono, incredibly loud, it would just lean into turns like crazy.

All those cars are owned by guys who've been racing them for years and spend their winters working on them (winters get lonely in this town of 1600 people).