The song "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen was written by guitarist Brian May who, we can assume from the song is an enthusiast of girls with large posteriors. Or is it just a passing fancy? Does he subscribe to magazines about fat bottoms? Does he frequent websites with fat bottoms? Hard to say. We spoke of non-car enthusiasts in today's AOTD, which promoted many, like GV_Goat to wonder what is the nature of an enthusiast?

I have a dog. I like my dog a lot. Am I a dog enthusiast? Well. No.

My dog does not get shampooed, she gets shaved once a year. She does not have a pedigree. She spends a lot of time outside rolling in the dirt and chasing squirrels and digging up moles. She's slobbery, dirty and damn lucky to get to the vet once a year (but she does). Caesar Milan would not approve.

When I meet someone that's truly a dog enthusiast, I don't beat them down with stupid questions like, why are your dogs toenails painted pink? Or, is your dog really wearing perfume? Or, my favorite, you're dogs therapist said what?"

A little of the same consideration from the non- car enthusiasts would appreciated.