Commenter Of The Day: Cosmic Odometer Rollover Edition

However you spend the evening marking the rolling over of our common odometer (jury-rigged from zero by a collection of hunchbacked historians), we hope you enjoy it sanely enough to come back Monday. This year's final COTD goes to sirbasilfawlty, who has his own plans for 2011 and beyond involving a certain Italian vehicle:

Let me share with you how my thinking is going on this.
From what I have learned in my time here on Jalopnik, most of us on here cannot afford this car. Most of us cannot afford a Ferrari period. Oh sure, some could. And many more could swing for one of the lesser valued, slow, ungainly malaise models just to get it into the driveway, but not much more. And also, most of us would like a Ferrari. This NPOCP can be our first stepping stone to being one of the beautiful people.
Ferraris are expensive to begin with, but their values stay high because collectors and connoisseurs covet them. The market for them is driven by these people who buy and sell many of the higher models, such as this one, amongst themselves. They're names are on lists and records the factory keeps and doles out special models to them. It's a special society that we are not in, or allowed to visit. We do not understand what it takes to be a member. We are outsiders.
Every sale and purchase of a Ferrari affects the value of others like it. Call it a ripple effect. And this we can exploit. We need to Crack Pipe this thing.
Imagine the next Enzo that comes up on the stage at Pebble Beach. Pages of stats, history, comparative pricing, and fancy brochures accompany it. But deep in this pile of data is a glaring factoid: it was deemed too pricey at $1.2m on Every other Enzo owner feels the pang. The sigh that is silent yet heard throughout Ferraridom travels into the hearts and wallets of owners all over the world; The King of all Ferraris is not worth as much as was believed, the stone is cast, the ripple spreads, and all models depreciate accordingly. The top dog is no longer a moonshot. And when the gavel falls at the Beach, we Jalops are one step closer to realizing a dream. One step closer to filling our garages with the prancing horse. We take one step, then another. We hunt every Ferrari for sale and onto NPOCP it goes. And every one is Crack, until every man, woman, and child Jalop who desires to sing the song that is Ferrrari can be heard loud and clear. We do understand.

Then we stop and let the values climb back and get some return on investment. We don't want them to be Camrys after all.


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Excellent COTD, long but worth reading. Your reward is a once proud and noble Ferrari F60, rendered all but worthless by little more than a tin of eye-searing paint.

I bet he was told it would dry as red...