Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

It's the last day of 2010, making this the last Nice Price or Crack Pipe of the year, and we're going out on top. You've heard of Save the Enzos, well now it's time to start saving for the Enzo.

Speaking of saving, have you ever heard of the Skapunk band, Save Ferris? They once did a cover of Dexys Midnight Runners' Come on Eileen (still the most sexually explicit song title ever), and took their name from the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off. That flick had Ferris stealing the Ferrari (actually a re-bodied MGB) that belonged to his best-bud's dad, and spending the day making Chicago seem a whole lot more interesting than it really is. One thing that was interesting was that Ferris' friend, Cameron, drove an Alfa Romeo Alfetta, a car closely related to yesterday's 1988 Alfa Milano Verde. That box full of ugly didn't even need Mia Sara in the passenger seat to garner its 66% Nice Price win, and proved that beauty is more than skin derp. Derp, derp, derp.


While Ferris had a fauxrrari, it should be pointed out up front that today's 2003 Enzo is the real deal, and not just some tarted up Fiero kit car. BTW, Ferris' sister drove a Fiero in the movie, yet another indignity she was forced to endure. Perhaps she might have removed the broom from her butt had she been given something more like this to drive instead. We've had an Enzo here on NPOCP before, but that car had a paltry $1,190,000 asking price - chicken feed in my book. And that car didn't even come in Rossa Corsa but instead in something called black. Back then a popular pastime of the annoyingly wealthy was destroying the world's supply of Ferrari's hypercar, usually by tossing the keys to Eddie Griffin, or just being a Eurotrashy douche. Thankfully that is a fad the popularity of which has faded, but that still means that this red over black uber car is even more rare than when it was one of 400 originally built. Actually, there were only about 350 initially built and pre-sold, but Ferrari discovered that there were 50 more Veruca Salts out there so they uncaged the Umpa Loompas one more time to crank out some more. The last one - number 400 - was auctioned off for tsunami relief, and the nearly $1.3 million it garnered was presented by Michael Schumacher to the Pope, who called it a Festivus miracle offered his papal thanks for the gift.


This one has an asking price nearly at Tsunami relief level, coming in at $1,230,000, although instead of charity, the money will go to Ferrari of San Francisco. In exchange for that sum you get enough carbon fiber to keep Iron Man regular for a year, a 65° V12 engine with 5,998 ccs, 48 valves, 4 cams, and 651-bhp, plus an F1-derived semi-auto gearbox. Those of you hating on the car not having three pedals can go spend your $1.2 million elsewhere, although the rumor is that gear changes in the Enzo are akin to getting sucker punched by Tyson so maybe your ire is well founded. Or, maybe that's just part of its bad-boy image, along with its 3.6-second zero to sixty time and tsunami-evading 220 mile per hour top speed. Making that possible is an F1-like rocker suspension and F1-banned active aerodynamics. The electronically-controlled moveable rear wing, situated between adenoidal tail lights, can produce up to 1,700 lbs of downforce.

With that kind of performance, it's no wonder that those of means have both gravitated to the car, and occasionally ended up sitting next to its fractured wreckage while tweety birds and saturns circle their heads. This one appears un-celebutarded, and due to its exclusivity, you can bet that it's unlikely to have suffered at the hands of Jippy Lube half-assers or had anyone shart in its driver's seat, cars of this strata just plain get treated better. Strangely, the dealer selling the car gives you the price, but makes you call for the mileage. That's kind of a nut-scratcher, although a ‘high-milage' Ferrari usually means something that has like 20K on it, and as you'll recall Ferris and Cameron tried to un-mile their California by running it in reverse, silly WASPs.


What else could you buy for this car's $1,230,000 price? Well, you're almost to a new Veyron for that, but the Bugatti's kind of like an angry poodle to this Ferrari's Doberman. Or, you could pick up 4 new F458 Italias with enough left over for a nice lunch at one of Chicago's finest restaurants. Or, you could have a private audience with the Pope, and donate the money to a worthy Catholic cause.


But when it comes down to it, what you'd really want to do is buy the Enzo. Maybe it's because of the name, a homage to il Commendatore that makes this Ferrari's Ferrari. Or, perhaps it's the visage- purposeful, uncompromising, and focused on one thing: getting you to the church on time. Whatever the reason, Enzos don't show up all that often, other than when somebody's driving one into a tree or something. In 2010, exotic car prices have followed the housing market and Demi Lovato's chances of another Disney gig down the pooper, with a few notable anomalies. Maybe this is one of those? Only the voting will tell, and that means it's up to you to lay down your verdict on whether or not, for a cool $1,230,000, this Bay Area hyper Ferrari is indeed a San Francisco treat.

You decide!


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Happy freakin' New Year, Jalops!