Yesterday we focused on the nonsensical when choosing the Commenter of the Day because as NoMeansNo sings, "Nonsense is better than no sense at all." Today we'll drop our pretentious airs and get back to appreciating the Three Stooges for what they really were, brilliant!! So let's just go with a good old, Jalopnik-centered inside joke. So, like, jump.

Today's winning quip comes from Murilee's fascinating Orange Tape travails, which not only thoughtfully deconstructs sea-to-shining-sea high speed runs, but filled us with nostalgia, yearning and a longing to drive free. Not CafeRacer1200, though. He went for the pot shot:

Wow, cool music or not, wasn't it kind of dangerous to be a young, single, bearded girl out in the middle of nowhere?


Zing! And for those who are lost, look no further.