Commenter Of The Day: Bambi, Your Mother Can't Be With You Anymore Edition

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Cash for Clunkers has got everyone a little bit worked up and no mistake. When we published the full list of cars that were taken from us forever by the program, responses have ranged from muted satisfaction that so may Explorers were off the road to blistering anger that even one desirable car should be gone forever. Few had the sensitivity to understand that, when all was said and one, it was the cars and their families who suffered most. Those few compassionate souls are a humbling example to us all, and none more than Tanshanomi, who shouldered a most unpleasant burden this afternoon:

I just went out to the parking lot and told my '92 Town Car that 375 of it's siblings were destroyed.

I think it went as well as could be expected.

Let's all hope that, if the day ever comes for us, we all have the character to do the same.


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Congratulations, Mr. Tanshanomi!

I just think that you're a Bultaco kind of guy. I hope I got this right. I couldn't find a whole motorcycle or a whole girl, but a little of each is better than none.

I love the movie, Bambi, and still cry when I see it.