The Full List Of Every Cash For Clunkers Trade-In

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No "old-school" media outlet bothered providing readers the full list of every car traded-in under the Cash For Clunkers program because it might be too unwieldy. We know Jalopnik readers demand more. Below, the list of all 690,114 trade-ins.


We already provided you our first look at the "exotics" we found in our quick skim of the full list.We know the Jalopnik nation is just itchin' to help us find the strange, the odd and the outright illegal trade-ins that can be found in the full list. So help us out by taking a look through the pages, broken down alphabetically, to view the full list of vehicles and the quantity crushed. Tell us what you find in the comments below.

But be warned — Audi S4 wagons, armored BMWs, GNXs and other treasures were junked. Prepare to be devastated, car lovers.

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AM General Postal Truck to Chevy S10 Blazer

Chevy S10 Pickup to Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

Ford Crown Victoria Police Intercepter to GMC Vandura

GMC Vandura to Mercedes 380SL

Mercedes 380SL to Subaru SVX

Subaru SVX to Volvo XC90
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In just our cursory glance over the document we found a large number of USPS postal vehicles, a surprising number of cars newer than 2005, and a lot of Corvettes. What stood out for you? What are the most exotic trade-ins? The strangest? The most upsetting?


I was going over this list for an upcoming post (of course, at another blog.... geez) but I have to present a theory behind the reasoning as to why the Aston, or the Bentley (listed as a Rolls Royce by the way), or the 20th anniversary Trans Am, were traded. More than a few ex-wives (very angry ex-wives) were responsible for this. If the car was in her possession, and her name was on the registration, she took it in knowing full well that the car will get destroyed, seeking some form of vengeance. Picking up a Honda, Toyota, or Scion for her new boy-toy is only icing on the cake.