Take a look at this image. We're guessing the average American car buying male is about 2 positions to the right of the geek hunched over his computer. What's become of us? It's clearly not an overall human evolution problem; as Jedchev points out in Sam's article about sheeple flocking back to SUVs, the average Australian male is more like the dude with a stone knife.

Why does Australia celebrate the Pontiac G8 GXP, while an American magazine quibbles about people buying V8 station wagons. It's because our country SUCKS. We manage to demonize everything that is in the least bit fun, dangerous, or extravagant. America's testosterone has sunk way below acceptable levels. We're becoming a nation of girly men in beige Camrys.

We don't think the problem is that our country "sucks," more like we're failing to live up to our potential in an utterly massive way, but we do agree with the overall sentiment. This comment highlights the way most of us Jalops feel as we sit in our man caves and look out at a world where failing to conform is punished and innovation is discouraged. SUVs? People can keep ā€˜em, but why can't our car companies come up with some new type of vehicle rather than just slavishly follow trends? We don't mean a lame hybrid either.