Commenter Of The Day: Acorn Shows Edition

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I'm fairly impatient, so most shows get watched within 24 hours of airing. I even somehow managed to see episodes of the fourth season of Friday Night Lights before they aired on NBC (and then watched it on NBC and let it run on HULU, someone's gotta notice, right?). I watch Top Chef when it airs and I like to catch new episodes of Community. But then there are those shows you just can't watch episode by episdoe, so you store away for the summer rerun season. Acorn shows. I acorned the first four seasons of The Wire — only to watch all of them in the month before the fifth season started. I acorned BSG and I'm currently acorning Breaking Bad. Some things are worth waiting for, like a thumbs up from one of your compatriots. Isn't that right Lysol?

I've been waiting all day for an appealing article on which to comment; this is not that article. However, my patience has run out and my fingers are getting restless. I have nothing witty to say; I have no insightful analysis I would like to contribute. Sometimes you just need a release, like when I'm home alone at night and I think of witty Jalopnik comments just to feel fucking ALIVE, you know??? It's just, like, all this bullshit in the world just, like, makes you so numb and you've ceased to live and all you're doing is just searching for that next high, the next time you can post on Jalopnik and then you fucking wait for hours for someone to approve or reply to your comment and your skin just fucking crawls until you think your heart might explode but then someone finally DOES reply and approve your comment and you just want to fucking slam your head into a wall because it feels so amazing!

I just blacked out...what happened?

So I guess you don't want a star?


I think there needs to be a Jalopnik commenter support group. Jalopnik Anonymous.