When a Cambridge Mass Police Sergeant arrested an irate famous black history professor for trying to get into his own house it created a bit of a stir that, in retrospect, no one seems to care about anymore. Most of us learned from the incident that Henry Louis Gates Jr is not to be fucked with and, no matter who you are, its' best to chill when talking to someone with a badge and a gun at least temporarily. Nevertheless, President Obama viewed this as a "teachable moment" and brought the two together for beers to talk about the issues. It must have worked because, you know, we've all forgotten about it. This is all the background you need to understand evoCS's quote in today's QOTD.

OK, professors, here we have a "teachable moment". While Subarus are a logical choice, the day you run into one of your STi driving punk students at the local off campus grocery is going to seriously compromise you're view of the rides from Fuji Heavy Industries (that name alone could send shivers up your spine anyhow). Likewise, Volvo will soon be absorbed by some Chinese concrete/dog food/lead smelting conglomerate, so the previously mentioned "Free Tibet" bumper sticker will become brutal irony rather than informed dissent.
Why not keep what you have? Buy a couple more. Find a good independent Saab mechanic in your area. Here you will learn about your car. Develop a respectful relationship with the fellow turning the wrenches on you trusty steed. You just might learn asome meaningful things about people and life when you choose to fraternize with someone you may have considered "working class" or "blue collar". You may be surprised by what you find. Trust me, any fellow whose been working on Saabs for many years is cut from a different cloth.

That's change we can believe in.

Photo Credit: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Image