What Will Latté-Swilling Liberal Northeasterners Drive Now?

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With today's news of Saab's death and Volvo's impending sale to China, what brand is left to fill "English Dept. Faculty Only" parking spaces at liberal institutions of higher ed? More bluntly, what will latté-swilling liberal Northeasterners drive now?

This question comes via Robert, appropriately of Boston, MA, who asks "I am another east coast, liberal, soy latte sipping Saab owner. On my second one now, bought the first one in 1995. What will I drive now? " Our answer? If can't get a used Saab or don't want to live through that experience and you're older and don't care about a Free Tibet, you'll probably opt for the other Swedish brand and get a Volvo V70 wagon. If you're younger, probably something along the lines of a Legacy wagon or Legacy Outback. They're both brands that are slightly different, have a certain Libbie cache and offer vehicles in the AWD necessary for a ski weekend. Sip up, friends.


Put on your best beard and Buena Vista Social Club album and help our brothers-in-leather-padded-elbowed-arms out by finding them a car.

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