Commenter Of The Day: A Brief Refresher In Italian Words Used In Music Edition

Anyone who has studied music knows that Italian words show up everywhere (thanks Renaissance!). Lucky for you, all Jalopnik writers must attain at least 15 credit hours of C-level Italian or German before getting the job, so we can explain them to you. Forte: literally strong, meaning you should sing or play loudly. Piano: gentle, indicating when one should play softly. Pianissimo: the superlative of Piano meaning very soft. Legato: in Italian "tied together" but in music it informs the musician to play smoothly, as opposed to staccato. This will not only help you understand the name of the soon-to-be-released Kia Forte, it'll help you understand 13oostedwgn's COTD:

Man, if you're driving a Forte, you'll have to be pretty damn Legato to get a chick to touch your Pianissimo.


That was truly a Commenta Buffa, am I right? Ragazzi?

[Photo: Xampled]

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