Kia Forte Teaser Pics Quietly Slip Out

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Kia's very quietly revealed what appear to be photos of their upcoming Spectra-replacement, the Kia Forte. The new shots continue to show the Korean automaker's moving at a definitively un-Kia-like high speed towards a new, bolder design direction. We've seen it indicated already by the Kia Soul, Kia Koup and now the new Forte. Taking styling cues from the Koup concept, the 2009 Kia Forte looks to be a potentially excellent replacement for the little econobox.

Although there's no solid word on whether or not the Spectra replacement will keep the name "Forte", considering the Spectra name doesn't have much of what we'd call "brand identity," it's not as though it would hurt sales. We've also not yet heard word on whether new engines will be offered. What we do know is that the Forte is set to debut in Korea at the end of August, meaning that we'll probably know everything about it by the beginning of July, or whenever the always-excitable Korean press corps get their hands on it. [KIA WORLD]

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Looks like they hung onto the fugly 5 door Spectra GT looks at the back end. Shame, as the front ain't half bad.