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I’m not sure how much thought Erik put into his idea of a 100-mile-long deathmatch since I wasn’t in the room. Thankfully, one of you actually ran the numbers and figured out at least one car that can run the distance.

TBirdOwnerThatDoesNotPlayGolf envisioned a more interesting use for a modern Formula One car than your usual Merc and Ferrari parade:


However, it’s worth noting—as Thomas Donohue did—that no need to brake on Erik’s 100-mile death race wouldn’t allow the car to recover any energy through braking, impacting its MPG somewhat.

Regardless, congrats on your COTD win, our non-golfing bud! Here’s hoping that if you do end up competing in this wacky event, you don’t end up in a 2017-spec McLaren-Honda that may or may not break down a couple feet after the finish line.

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