Comment of the Day: Which Came First Edition

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Technology has advanced at an alarming pace over the last twenty years or so. The chassis of the now-dead 370Z Roadster has not. The 370Z was of 2009 was little more than a facelift of the 350Z which had already been on sale for seven years. When the 350Z first hit the market, cell phones still didn’t have cameras attached to them.


This little history lesson is a sober reminder that the 370Z has really old bones and deserves to be updated. That chassis predates Apple’s iTelephone by five years, and has sold about a billion fewer units. I appreciate marshknute’s ability to tell us about the passing of time with relevant units of measure. And for that, I award them today’s COTD victory. Well done.

As an unrelated side note, I remember wondering why anyone would buy a cell phone with a camera on it. With just 0.3 megapixels for the first ones, the pictures were terrible, and you couldn’t really do anything with them anyway. Then again, I didn’t get my first cell phone, a metallic brown flip phone, until 2006.

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Sir Lurkalot

Not saying the z34 is a great chassis (I haven’t driven one), but as jalops I think we all know better than to equate “old” with “not good”.