Comment Of The Day: Throwing Shades Edition

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Image: Alfa Romeo Archive

Alfa Romeo wasn’t prepared for this kind of smack down, but I’m not sure it doesn’t deserve it. With the revival of some very 1970s colors in its current lineup, surely Alfa knew that the can of worms was opened and would result in people making connections between the current cars and its 1970s lineup. Don’t get me wrong, they were great cars. When they were working!

huja comin’ in hot with the perhaps apt attacks. I saw this comment and laughed, which is why I’m bestowing it with today’s COTD crown. You’ve earned the highest possible star, and really the only one that matters, right? Well done.


I’m not sure it’ll ever get better for Alfa. It just goes from bad to worse. 

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Congratulations, huja, on your COTD! And here is your prize, this lovely brand new Alfa Romeo in genuine 1970 735 Grigio Indaco!