Comment Of The Day: Three Easy Steps Edition

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As we learned earlier today from Justin’s easy how-to post, a J-turn (occasionally known as a Rockford) is surprisingly easy to learn. While Justin was able to boil it down to six bullet points, there might be an even easier way.


In fact, son of a motherless goat was able to reduce the whole thing to just three steps. And the third one is really just added flair.

In a world where Hollywood stars of the 60s and 70s are held up as pillars of masculinity and car-guy awesomeness, why would anyone choose to idolize Steve McQueen when James Garner exists?

Congratulations to James Garner for being a bad ass, and to son of a motherless goat for providing today’s COTD winner. Your trophy today is a gold 1976 Pontiac Firebird. And a few extra sets of tires.

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Seriously? The white trash Jersey dad-son heart to heart posted by Ash78 wasn’t COTD? That was gold. Perhaps your new masters didn’t think it was sporty enough.