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Comment of the Day: This Audi Is Built on a Web Of Lies

Illustration for article titled Comment of the Day: This Audi Is Built on a Web Of Lies
Illustration: Mash_Tun

Today Audi announced that its war of front end conquest was at an end. Grilles needed be no bigger. Or, perhaps this was all a misinterpretation.


Audi’s words are thus, given to CarThrottle:

“It’s not the big mouth anymore,” Mindt said, adding, “It’s not growing growing growing, it’s not like this”. Instead of further growth, we can expect Audi to play around with the concept of the grille itself in ways that haven’t really been seen before.


But this isn’t exactly a peace treaty, if you read it closely, as friend of Jalopnik Michael Banovsky pointed out on Twitter:

And indeed Jalopnik reader Grilles Are Overrated chimed in to photoshop what actual grillessness (grillelessness? grill-less-ness?) would look like:


But really, I can’t help but highlight this excellent photochop from reader Mash_Tun:


Maybe all we have to look forward to is no distinction between grille and non-grille. The grille takeover will only end when the whole car is grille.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Middle-Aged Pedant Kinja Turtle

That last photoshop is grate.