What are words? Or better, what is car design?

In recent years, auto styling seems to have been on a maximalist swing, with as many creases and folds and wiggles and woggles scoops flares seams and vents as physically possible.


These styling tricks aim to trick the light, trick the eye, disguise the bulk and sameness of today’s increasingly aerodynamic, regulated, and standardized cars.

Except, as reader Turbolence88 noted, for the new Volvo S90:

Holy shit, a flat beltline and a greenhouse that doesn’t pinch up in the back in the pursuit of “elegancious dynaminimalistic vehicumotion design” or some other buzzword bullshit. Love the profile.

Indeed, what are the words that can describe today’s Hyundai-esque overstyled norm?


Maybe we need to go to Kool Keith-levels of vocabulisticiousness to adequately capture it.

Either way, Dr. Octagon is good.


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