Comment Of The Day: Spectator Sport Edition

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Screenshot: IIHS

A good IIHS crash test is a glorious thing to see. It’s a whirlwind of shattered glass, crunched metal, flailing crash test dummies, and general destruction which is over in a matter of seconds. A cacophony of broken bits arises from the relative silence of rolling tires.

Just imagine being a witness to this ridiculous display in person. Imagine being part of a crowd gathered to watch this ludicrous display. Imagine picking teams or even betting on the outcome. 20:1 odds the Canyonero comes out looking better than the 6000SUX in the Passenger-side small overlap frontal test.

Not only does an IIHS crash test offer more impacts than even the rowdiest NFL game, there’s a much lower chance of anyone developing CTE.


I hope that one day soon the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety will heed S>M>U>G’s words and open its doors to the public for all of us to consume this organized chaos. Congratulations on having the best idea I’ve heard all week, S>M>U>G. For that, you’ve earned today’s COTD victory. Hopefully you won’t let it go to your head.

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