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Those of us who live in countries with a modern system of roads, have access to an automobile, and benefit from an infrastructure of reliable fueling are truly blessed by the amazingness of the road trip. Grab a friend and bump your streaming limit for the month, because a full library of wicked good songs are at your fingertips these days. Pass the aux cord, it’s about to get fire.

While cars are pretty freakin’ awful at navigating tightly packed cities, they’re still pretty great at traversing large swathes of gorgeous countryside. Take a weekend, get yourself somewhere you’ve never been before, see stuff you’ve never seen before, eat food you’ve never had before, and experience what a great road trip can do for you.


If you don’t have anywhere in particular to go, might I suggest this route from New Jersey to Yellowstone?

Davesaddiction has an admittedly very simple ethos in this comment, but it’s one that rings absolutely true. You can’t get out an enjoy life if you’re trapped in one place all the time. Go forth! See the world! 

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