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This Is What 5,700 Miles Of American Roads Look Like In Six Minutes

Gif: ShiftingLanes (YouTube)

One of our favorite national pastimes here in the United States is taking road trips. Our country has no shortage of beautiful, natural wonders and amazing cities to visit. A road trip is often one of the easiest ways to see them all.


Our friends at ShiftingLanes recently partook in a nearly cross-country road trip from New Jersey to Yellowstone National Park. They tool through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota (damn are those states flat), South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and back to Kansas and Missouri.

Stops along the way include Chicago, Pikes Peak and Beartooth Highway. It was a 5,700-mile trip, and it’s been compressed down in six and a half minutes, which you can view here. If you haven’t been to some of these places, definitely treat yourself.

via Reddit

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Turning Jalopanese, AKA Chalupa Batman

I’m glad they limited New Jersey to the first 5 seconds. That was plenty.