Comment of the Day: Options Packages Are Getting Out of Control

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We’ve been in the age of options packages for decades now, but it’s starting to feel like things have gone too far.


Today Toyota lent us a brand-new Camry, and being a press car, it was spec’d out to be basically the top of the line. That means a black roof over the white body and (along with a 301-horsepower V6 and a $38,xxx price tag) a red leather interior. We are a long way from all-silver Camrys with nothing but cloth interiors, working like family haulers. Crossovers do that now.

But going through the configurator, reader Dr. Martin van Nostrand noticed something troubling:

I’m sorry, this paint is sending us over the edge. Is this really what’s screwing with cool colors on new cars? All of the optioning? What has happened to us, as a society? Can’t we incentivize this? Have we lost our sense of style?

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


Middle-Aged Pedant Kinja Turtle

There is nothing more evil in this world than “driver assist”

I have experienced it just recently for a couple days on a loaner from a dealership. I could not figure out how to disable it.

My brain is (rightly) wired to take any sudden and unexpected jerking of the steering wheel to mean something is wrong with the road or the vehicle.

I fought that stupid AI bullshit that thought it could drive better than me for about 120 miles. Getting in my car and driving the 60 miles home felt nearly orgasmic after that. I literally had a cathartic rush being able to smoothly control my vehicle without some dipshit robot interference.

Anyways, I am still sort of worked up over this.