Comment of the Day: Jerrari The Third Edition

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William Harrah was a genius, but not for building a casino empire that made him a lot of money. He was a genius because he commissioned a pair of spectacular Ferrari-powered Jeep Wagoneers for racing across the northern Nevada desert. Wouldn’t a certain Cherokee Golden Eagle with engine troubles be a great candidate for Ferrari swap?

While I’m not convinced David could do much with this Ferrari V8, considering it’s largely melted out of the car, CarsofFortLangley made this joke in the comments, and I couldn’t help but literally laugh out loud. It’s never going to happen, and it especially won’t happen with a 1990s Ferrari engine, but I can’t help but dream of David building Jerrari III.


I mean, Ferrari and Jeep are quasi-related, sorta. Ferrari isn’t under the FCA umbrella anymore, so the two companies are maybe third cousins? Perfect excuse for a motor swap. Especially to tackle Moab in 2020. Go big or go home.

Because of smalleyxb122's assist on this comment, I’m anointing these two as co-COTD victors today. Here’s hoping all of your Jeeps are Ferrari-powered.

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Kinpolaj 3000

I think Ol’ Bill Harrah actually built it for racing up Mt Rose and Spooner Summit, from Reno to his home at Lake Tahoe. Which are still fun roads, although with more guard rails.