Comment Of The Day: It's Got Potential Edition

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It took a few years for the new-for-1964 Ford Mustang to grow out of its awkward years into a proper muscle car. By 1967 it gained some musculature and body mass, with which it came to define the Pony Car era. With experience in motorsport, a lot of research and development, and a few years of growth, the Mustang became the car we all remember as being an icon.

History has a tendency to repeat itself.


That’s right. Just give this ungainly Ford coupe a few years. It’ll become a bigger and beefier version of itself. It’ll become the Mach-E inspired beauty that it was always meant to be.

Congratulations on your backwards logic throwback COTD victory, Nextcar. I think even I’m confused by this loop.

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“You know, even though this Mach-E coupe is being targeted at secretaries now...”

I was in college when the Mustang was originally introduced and at least one car magazine called the six cylinder base coupe a “...secretary’s car...”, because they were cheap and cute.