Ford's Amazing Mach-E Coupe Is The Biggest Surprise At The LA Auto Show

Wow. I have to really hand it to Ford; I’ve never seen an automaker keep a secret this big, this well. Ford has accomplished something very few others have—a one-two punch of automotive introductions, starting with the new electric Mustang Mach-e SUV/crossover, and now the reveal of the unexpected but impressive Mach-E Coupe.

The amazing thing about this Mach-E coupe is how well it incorporates all of the design elements that make the Mach-E so distinctive: the three-bar taillights, the general grille shape, the fastback roofline, even that horse (I think it’s a palomino) badge—it really does feel like the Mach-E, in sporty coupe form.


The Mach-E Coupe takes a somewhat different approach, drivetrain-wise. From what I understand, it’s still fundamentally electric, but the electricity is used to produce sparks of raw electricity that are generated from a battery/alternator system, and those electric sparks actually ignite a mixture of everyday air from the atmosphere and some sort of atomized reactant.

The result of that electrically-stimulated reaction is that a plunger (one of 4 or 8) is forced down, moving a cranked rod, and there’s a whole cycle of this. It’s a fascinating and novel approach to electric mobility, and while it seems to work here, I’m a little skeptical of how widespread its adoption may be.


I’m just excited to see such bold new ideas from a mainstream automaker. I’m also impressed with how quickly the Mach-E has established its design details and look as something so readily identifiable.

I bet this Mach-E Coupe will be a huge hit! I can’t wait to see these Mach-E Coupes showing up at Cars and Coffees around the country. I bet they’ll attract a lot of crowds!

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