Comment Of The Day: Gotta Catch 'Em All Edition

Sometimes, like God, Jeremy Clarkson makes his presence known to us by appearing in the sky. It’s true. We did a post about it so it must be true.

But before you go worshipping Clarkson any more than you already do, or go looking for his face in your tortillas, know what’s really going on, according to Ravey Mayvey Slurpee Surprise:

This is actually a shot from the new BBC RPG, where Clarkson is a final boss.

To which Turbolence88 Can’t Think of a Clever Display Name had the perfect reply:

Producer, Lv 17

HP (=======__) 55 / 71

Clarkson, Lv 44

HP (=________) 22 / 198


Clarkson used PUNCH! Caused 8 damage!

Producer became confused!

BBC: “Come back, Producer!

BBC: “Go, Lawyers!

Clarkson’s defense fell sharply!

Lawyers used TERMINATE!

It’s super effective! Clarkson fainted!

Wilman is out of TopGearemon!

Wilman blacks out...

...Wilman awoke at an Amazoncenter!

Congrats on your COTD double-win! May you never get seizures from watching Japanese children’s television!

Special thanks to Peregrinestar for that free template I ganked off their Deviantart page


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