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Comment Of The Day: Death Of A Volkswagen Edition

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I’ve been covering Dieselgate since Day One and like many of you, I didn’t fully understand the scope of the cars affected until I read David’s story today about the TDIs stashed in vacant parking lots across the country. Nearly half a million cars is a hard concept to grasp until you see them like this.


I have no sympathy for VW or its employees for skirting the law, but damn if those photos don’t make me sad. It’s such a waste, all of it. A waste of good cars, of metal and scrap and resources, of manpower used to build these things, of money, of vehicles people used to love, of an entire company’s future.

I’ll let Ash78 sum it up:


The whole thing’s just a giant fucking shame.

Editor-in-Chief at Jalopnik. 2002 Toyota 4Runner.

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Congratulations, Mr. Ash78, on COTD! My award to you is a VW which this lovely lady will deliver to you if she’s able to see the dashboard.