Comment Of The Day: Cars Are Not Power Tools Edition

Some people, like our very own Kristen Lee, are troubled with a “quirk” that causes them to mistake cars for...not cars. Random household objects. Things without wheels. Or interiors. Or windows. When these “automobile misidentifiers” make these errors, they must be corrected.

Kristen’s latest slip-up involved identifying a McLaren F1 as a drill (this is much better than her previous “incidents,” like the time she misidentified a Mini Countryman as a plastic spork, or the time she tried pouring leftover lasagna into a random person’s Saturn Ion—it may be plastic, but it’s not Tupperware!).


Anyway, thank goodness we have gracious commenters like A. Barth to keep Kristen on track (in this case, keeping her from trying to fasten two-by-fours together with a British supercar):

Whew. A. Barth doing his part to make this world a better place, and to keep our good friend Kristen out of trouble. For that, here’s a Kristen-approved gift:

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