Image: Photo credit: Eric Frenette
Comment Of The DayYour good comments.  

It’s not often that a new word comes along to describe something that has already existed, and it’s even harder to invent something that sticks in the lexicon. I think that may have happened today, as I’ll be using Candanavian to describe heroes with half-baked badassery like this from now until the end of the universe.

This is by no means any kind of slight to our northerly neighbors, in fact it’s something of a badge of honor. It seems that anywhere with cold temperatures, long winters, and lengthy periods of long nights is capable of turning out a similar type of human. These are folks with ingenuity, folks with a penchant for creating and doing the unthinkable. These are Candanavians.

Congratulations to Jan Quadrant Vincent 16. Michael down your Vincents! for your COTD victory. You’ve made my day, and my vocabulary.