Hero Transports a Freaking Snowmobile in Their BMW 3 Series, Proves Wagon Superiority

Image credit: Isabelle Rioux

Since Jalopnik’s inception, we’ve preached the joys of wagonhood, and often complained that Europe gets all the long-roof cars that we so yearn for. But if you still don’t get why we love these things, just look at this BMW 3 Series wagon driver in Canada transporting a snowmobile. It’s incredible.

The photo above and the one directly below were taken last Sunday evening by Isabelle Rioux of Mistassini, Québec. She said she spotted the BMW E91 in a McDonald’s parking lot in Dolbeau-Mistassini on Lac St-Jean in Québec.

Image credit: Isabelle Rioux

Isabelle and her friend Nancy reacted to the sighting just as you’d expect: they laughed in bewilderment at the sight of someone somehow having managed to shove that big machine into the back of a sports wagon:

Here’s another photo taken by Nancy’s friend Sylvie Girard showing the rear view of the wagon, with its hatch opened wide to allow the German car to consume the most Canadian of transportation modes:

Photo credit: Sylvie Girard

And here’s another picture taken in front of Starbucks in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Photo credit: Eric Frenette

More proof that wagons rule. They just do.

This story has been updated with the last image, sent to us by reader Matthew

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