Comment Of The Day: 26th Century Racing Edition

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Rumor has it that the Formula One bosses are looking for new ways to make Formula One more interesting. They’ve given up on sprinkler systems and joker laps. Those are the old way of thinking. They’re thinking bigger.


You might think that Red Bull’s pit stop in zero-gravity was just a gimmick, but they’re actually doing some very important preliminary testing. The 2021 regulations are all a smoke screen. Formula One’s problem isn’t the formula, it’s the one. It needs less than one. It needs zero.


Congrats Vin, you’ve cracked the code. F1 is now F0. And for your efforts, you’re getting today’s COTD win.

It’s happening, chums!

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I always wrung my hands and worried about the (apparent) hundreds of people that would be killed in the dense, blurry Mode-7 city grid far below the floating raceways of Mute City whenever a jump off of one of the ramps went awry... that black plume of smoke... I imagined the screams in my head