Come! Car Car-toon Caption Contest Contains Cars!

Illustration for article titled Come! Car Car-toon Caption Contest Contains Cars!

Okay. first, it's not really a contest because I never seem to be able to keep track of contests, but let's say I'll post the winning cartoon/caption, and we'll base that winner on which comment gets the most stars. How's that sound?


I figured this could be a sort of fun, recurring Friday late-night thing, because why should those New Yorker geeks have all the fun? We can make strangely impenetrable single-panel cartoons too, right? And with cars in them!

So, here's our first one. Two cars, a road leading to a cliff, and a bird carrying a tire. I don't have any specific gag in mind here — but I'm really, really curious to see what you come up with. Bonus points if you ID the cars!

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Aaron James

"Too late for a rubber now honey"