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Colorado DMV Hates Tofu, Loves Vagina

Illustration for article titled Colorado DMV Hates Tofu, Loves Vagina

Apparently the folks on high-alert for smut at the Colorado DMV who nixed the vanity plate "ILVTOFU" for its possibly vulgar connotations completely fell asleep on the job when "ILVGINA" came through the system.


Maybe it was the clever combination use of the letter "V," perhaps they're more used to the more jocular terminologies for female genitalia, maybe someone just got the what-for from their boss and let a dirty vanity plate through. Whatever the case, this Dodge Ram owner can proudly proclaim his obsession. Considering these plates are so similar in objective, with one getting the axe and one going to print, we're wondering if they shouldn't just have an automatic filter for "ILV." Or maybe they should just open up the flood gates and let people put whatever they want on plates, some form of "personal freedom." Crazy thought, we know. Won't someone think of the children! [Westword]

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I have no desire to have a vanity plate, but still think that it would be cool to try to sneak TIH2 TA3 past the DMV.