Colorado DMV Misinterprets Tofu-loving Vegan Vanity Plate

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The Colorado DMV appears to have misinterpreted a seemingly harmless vanity plate request from a proud vegan driver. That is, unless you have a filthy mind like ours.

CNBC's Morning Joe co-host, Mika Brzezinski, didn't seem to catch the joke here. Was it because she was a woman in a room full of "pig men" or was it simply because she's "a blonde" as douchebag host, Joe Scarborough, put it?


Regardless, we know there are much, much worse vanity plates out there, evidenced by our top 50 list of vanity plates that slipped by the DMV. Colorado, if you're reading, take a peak at the old post and dammit, let the crazy vegan have her silly license plate or we'll send a KNUKL your way. (Hat Tip To Thomas!)

[via MSNBC]

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