What is it with comp sci kids and their college dorms? Hacking the windows to serve as a lo-res display probably goes back to the earliest days of the integrated circuit.

And before that, an army of freshmen and synchronized wristwatches. This particular example is from the Wrocław University of Technology and shows a KITT light show and rudimentary race cars.

For way more surreal KITT action, direct your attention to a very old episode of Totalcar, the hilarious motoring show co-presented by Nino Karotta (previously on Jalopnik as a driver of an F1 car and a gangster Benz). Watch him go to Austria to road test a KITT replica and get arrested by highway police while wearing a Hoff wig and fake chest hair.


No subtitles this time. To lessen the cruelty, here’s a bite of Hungarian: when he says elmekórtani intézet at 20 seconds in, that means psychiatric institute. It all makes sense now, doesn’t it?

And if you prefer your KITT new school, we’ve got plenty of that too.

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