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KITT In Action: Exclusive Video

Yesterday, Ray and Wes met KITT in the flesh— er, metal. Today we bring you the video footage of us doing our best Hasslehoff impression during our exclusive Brooklyn rendezvous. The new Knight Rider made-for-television movie premieres tomorrow on NBC, so our test drive ride just came right at our peak of anticipation. And while we still kinda agree with the "never meet your childhood heros" rule, we've gotta admit that the supercharged Mustang GT in GT500KR clothing looks and sounds pretty sweet.


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I would be very surprised if this show actually lasted more than five episodes, but the car itself doesn't look too bad. The red nostrils remind me of L.A. Lights high-tops for some reason, but that's not it's fault.

P.S. : Does anyone know if KITT is equipped with SYNC?