Code Brown At The Drag Strip: Dodge Viper Edition

Code Brown: medical lingo spoken to indicate a release of fecal matter on oneself, usually in high stress situations. Situations like this lucky Dodge Viper getting within millimeters of annihilation in the form of a drag strip wall.

The new Dodge Viper is fast. Some could even say it’s power is borderline uncontrollable, as perfectly demonstrated in this video appropriately titled “Lucky Viper” from YouTube channel HighTechCorvette:

With 645 horsepower stock and undoubtedly some fiddling to increase that in the above example, the fifth generation (and possibly final generation) Dodge Viper is what happens when you simplify the supercar function to its bare minimum.


The result is spinning out twice in one drag strip run, and still clocking a 12.79. But not without resulting in what undoubtedly was a considerable mess of emotions and the smelly stuff.

Nice save, though. My palms are sweaty just looking at it. The driver is going to need a year of massages to work all that sudden tension out of every fiber of their being.

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The Stig's graphic designer cousin

I’m surprised no one else noticed it. Right at about 17 seconds, a pelican flew across the track. Frankly, it was masterful driving to avoid the bird and not write off the car.