C'mon, People, Don't Leave Your Pigs In Hot Cars

Image: Orange County Sheriff’s Department North Patrol (Facebook)

Honestly, folks, do we really have to say this? Do we really have to advise the human population not to leave pigs in hot cars, based on irresponsible actions by members of this human population? We evidently do, so listen up: Don’t leave your pigs in hot cars.

No, we’re not talking about that cousin of yours whose beer belly has spread past the “belly” part and whose laughs contain a regular snort. That cousin has thumbs and could probably open the car door pretty easily if you somehow left them behind. We’re talking about actual pigs.


Here’s what not to do with your pigs, as demonstrated by a post shared to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s North Patrol Facebook page:

The post, from Wednesday, said deputies responded to notification of the pig in the car. The post didn’t say how the pig got out, only that the owner of the car was located and that the pig’s name is Ramone. The post didn’t say whether the owner had considered, in addition to the hot car, whether the pig was car trained and knew not to, um, go to the bathroom in there.

Either way, you wouldn’t leave a kid or a dog in a hot car, the same goes for the Ramones of this world, people. Don’t leave any living organisms in there, unless they can and know how to get out themselves.

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